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EspaceProprio, an initiative by Desjardins

Desjardins Group is the largest cooperative financial group in North America and the fifth largest cooperative financial group in the world, with assets of $407.1 billion*. Forbes magazine named Desjardins as one of the world's best employers for women. To meet the diverse needs of its members and clients, Desjardins offers a full range of products and services to individuals and businesses through its extensive distribution network, online platforms and subsidiaries across Canada. Ranked among the world's strongest financial institutions according to The Banker magazine, Desjardins has one of the highest capital ratios and credit ratings in the industry.

With 7.5 million* members and clients, and nearly 40% of Quebec's residential mortgage market share, Desjardins is Quebec’s largest mortgage lender. 

EspaceProprio, an initiative by Desjardins, was launched in 2022 to empower current and future homeowners.

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* Data as at December 31, 2022, unless otherwise indicated.