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Are you passionate about making real estate dreams come true? Join the team!

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Who we are

EspaceProprio is a community where real estate professionals, homeowners, and future homeowners come together to get fresh inspiration and carry out their projects.

EspaceProprio is an initiative of Desjardins, bringing together a group of companies that offer support services related to home ownership. These services range from buying and selling real estate to renovating and maintaining your living space.

This ecosystem offers an end-to-end, personalized experience that simplifies the management of your home, whether through its concierge service, websites, or apps.

Our ecosystem

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Buying and selling with a broker

Confia matches you with the right real estate broker by providing you a selection of profiles that correspond to your project.

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Sale by owner

To sell your property by yourself but with support from real estate coaches, appraisers, notaries*, and many others, call on DuProprio.

*Depending on the package selected.

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Renovate and maintain

Whether for renovation or maintenance on your property, RenoAssistance can lend a hand.

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All the extras

We go even further to help you make the right choices: 

  • Our concierge service assists you in all real estate projects, whether you are buying or selling, renovating or maintaining your property 

  • Our website is designed to inspire, guide, and motivate so that you realize the full potential of your projects. 

  • Available soon: The mobile app that makes it easier to manage your home with our customizable maintenance guide.

Our history

Founded in Quebec in 2022, EspaceProprio is an initiative by Desjardins Group, Canada's leading cooperative financial group.

EspaceProprio has a team of over 200 employees working to facilitate access to a network of reliable and competent professionals. Its mission is to give current and aspiring homeowners the tools and guidance they need to realize their real estate ambitions.

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Our social responsibility

At EspaceProprio, we believe that social responsibility starts at home. This is why our first priority is to invest in the well-being of our teams. The constant evolution of our internal policies and implementation of ongoing training contributes to making individuals better equipped to build a positive and responsible society.

EspaceProprio gives back

EspaceProprio is committed to playing an active role in improving accessibility to housing in all its forms.

By donating time and money to Habitat for Humanity Canada, we are fulfilling our mission and theirs: to help families build strength, stability, and independence.

Founded in 1985, Habitat for Humanity Canada is a national, non-profit organization advocating for a world where everyone has the right to decent, affordable housing.

To learn more about EspaceProprio’s involvement:

Press release

RenoAssistance joined forces with Habitat for Humanity in support of affordable housing.