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A man and a woman painting a fence
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Maintenance guide: Checking the condition of your fences



March 30th, 2023

Fences are useful to mark the boundaries of our property and give you privacy. At the start of spring, get into the habit of checking the condition of your fences, especially in consideration of your neighbours. EspaceProprio recommends the following steps to complete this task.

Time: 1 hour
Level of difficulty: Low

Before you begin, it’s best to do the inspection when it’s nice outside and the ground is dry. 

1. Check each panel or board of the fence from top to bottom for breakage. 

Wood fences Look for signs of mould. If necessary, paint or stain the wood to prolong its life. If you prefer, call a professional to do the job. 

PVC fences Check for damage done to its colour and strength by weather conditions. 

Wire fences Verify that no holes or rust are developing. 

2. If the fence includes a gate, ensure that it opens correctly and the lock is in good condition. 

3. Look for holes or paths that may have been dug under the fence. Be sure to fill any gaps to prevent animals from crawling through. 

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