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Be it a cozy breakfast nook or a spacious room for entertaining, the dining room is the heart of the home. How to give it a unique personality? Be inspired by these cool decorating ideas to add pizzazz!

Scandinavian style dining room. Table, chairs and amphora with cattails.
Photo: Adobe Stock/Lilia

The Scandinavian overtones of this dining room will surely please a minimalist at heart. Just a few elements are enough to set the mood: beautiful wooden chairs with clean lines and a long rectangular table.

Use timeless accessories such as a glass carafe and a cast iron teapot (to add a touch of Japan).

Small dining area in the corner of a room. Bench, round table, cushions and chairs with rounded backs. Vase with yellow flowers.
Photo: Unsplash/Spacejoy

Minty blue for the wall paneling, some paprika accents, and a bouquet of yellow flowers add a little pep to this mid-century modern dining nook.

Maximize a small space with two great suggestions: a corner banquette to avoid chairs hitting the wall, and a round table, which is more compact than a square or rectangular one.

Dining room with shoji screen style windows. Long rectangular table and dark wood benches.
Photo: Adobe Stock/Tural

Zenitude, at its best. The long wooden table and shoji screen-like windows evoke a Japanese feel.

Balance the straight lines with a few mismatched dining chairs that draw on Scandinavian aesthetics.

Loft with white bricks, rectangular wooden table and vintage chandelier with crystal garlands.
Photo: Adobe Stock/Kotelnyk

Plain furniture leaves the spotlight on the eclectic accessories: a crystal chandelier, lanterns, and a hurricane lamp placed on the floor, vases of dried flowers, and mismatched candleholders. Swaths of green fabric on the walls and table perpetuate the colour scheme.

Loft style—old white brick walls and wooden floors—is still very much on-trend. Scour local second-hand stores and antique shops to discover accessories that will make your space mesmerizing. 

Pale gray dining room, rectangular table, velvet and mahogany chairs. Modern metal suspension light fixture and frosted glass globes.
Photo: Adobe Stock/Anymay

This dining room exudes distinction and luxury. The pearl-grey chairs and anthracite-grey curtains add hushed softness. The mahogany lacquered wood contrasting with velvet on the chairs is the ultimate in elegance.

A light fixture can greatly enhance the ambiance of a room. This dangling brilliance, with its circling arcs and glass crystals, is like a beautiful jewel. It resembles a huge earring adorned with pearly beads!

Dining room, vegetal and animal print wallpaper, white table and orange resin chairs.
Photo: Unsplash/Nicola Bushuven

Welcome to the enchanted forest! Wallpaper featuring charming plants and animals creates the wow factor in this cheerful dining room. The larch green cupboards are beautifully illuminated by the white table and cantaloupe-orange chairs. Did you know that the Series 7 chair by Danish designer Arne Jacobsen is the best-selling chair in the world?

A smart tip: Use wallpaper or a self-adhesive mural to create the illusion of separation from another room.

Dining room, brick wall. Wooden table and bench, industrial style suspension light fixtures.
Photo: Unsplash/Beazy

Is this a workshop? No! It’s a dining room! At the centre, the heavy wood table, reminiscent of a sturdy workbench, is flanked by a long bench and two chairs. The hanging lamps add an industrial feel. Beautiful to the eye and soft to the touch, the faux fur throw keeps your booty comfortable and cozy!

Take care to choose warm light bulbs for the room to avoid the pallid atmosphere of a warehouse.

Sunny apartment, Nordic style furniture, molded resin chair.
Photo: Adobe Stock/Follow The Flow

Blonde wood finishings, lots of light, and bright colours...the Nordic influence reigns. The Eiffel DAW chair, with its iconic shell in white, is a special guest at this Scandinavian-style table. The disc-shaped light fixture hovers like a flying saucer.

Create visual interest by introducing a contrasting element such as a chair from a different era or different style into your matching dining room furniture.

Dark wood table and chairs, rug, suspension light fixture with glass globes.
Photo: Adobe Stock/Elizaveta Ivanova

Rich hues of dark wood furniture and flooring are gorgeous against the white backdrop. The gracious curves of the light fixture, with its opaque glass globes, add softness to the linear elements of the room. The beautiful round wall sconces enhance the effect. Consider choosing long-lasting dried flowers to fill your vases and avoid the short lifespan of fresh flowers.

In this dining room, everything is rectilinear, down to the last square millimetre. Curved objects add softness—nicely done here with the light fixture, vases, and sconces.

Loft with large windows, table on trestles, chairs of various styles and metal shelves filled with books.
Photo: Unsplash/Jilbert Ebrahimi

There is a relaxed vibe in this dining space. The table is a recycled workbench with a top made of long wooden boards. Nice clash of materials for the chairs: solid oak, like the furniture in schools of yesteryear, and molded plastic for a 50s design icon—the DSR Eiffel chair.

Remote working takes the rooms in the house beyond the limitations of a single purpose. No fixed office space? This dining room serves other functions during the day: a workspace for adults and a homework area for the kids.

Elegant dining room, doors with moldings, square table and eight black chairs. Black light fixture with multiple branches. Abstract sculpture in an alcove.
Photo: Unsplash/Yann Maignan

Here, there is a recognizable signature design style intertwined. Herringbone wood floors, mouldings on the doors...welcome to Paris in this elegant Haussmann-style apartment! Chic, understated furniture leaves the spotlight on breathtaking pieces: a multi-branch light fixture encircled by a profusion of bulbs and a sculpture tucked into an alcove. It’s so nice to dream… 

Create the perfect combination of contrasts to surprise and fascinate. The understated elegance of the table and chairs accentuates the drama of the chandelier.

Dining room, open windows on sunny street. Vintage wooden table and chairs with rounded backs.
Photo: Adobe Stock/Casa Imágenes

Who wants to leave a table with such alluring chairs? Their wide, curved backs are a delightful invitation for lingering conversations over a fine liqueur. Also, these light fixtures with their clear glass shades give off twice the luminosity.

In a room with limited space, practicality is paramount. Here we have a vintage, drop-leaf wooden table with a hidden drawer that can be configured to accommodate the number of guests invited.

Dining room with garden view. Dark wood table, sideboard and chairs. Flower garlands around the windows.
Photo: Unsplash/Spacejoy

Flashback to the 50s to enjoy this mid-century modern decor. Soft curved chairs, panel-legged table, buffet—everything is warm and inviting in this unique room, where mullioned windows open onto a lovely green garden.

An attractive rug can make a room feel homey. This Persian-style rug adds spice to the mid-century modern decor.

Open concept kitchen and dining room. White brick wall, vintage wood table and orange fabric chairs.
Photo: Adobe Stock/Casa Imágenes

An eclectic design where styles coexist: farmhouse in the kitchen area and Scandi-boho in the dining room. A simple rug can be used to define a space—a good idea for dividing open areas like this one. The element of surprise: a Rococo chandelier contributes to this decor’s offbeat style.

Dare to mix different design styles! The rustic wood table combines deliciously with the rust-coloured velvet chairs.

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